Restaurant Casa Rosalía's Paella

Restaurant Casa Rosalía is a family tradition.

Casa Rosalía was established by Spanish immigrants in Mexico City's Historic Centre in 1937. It has always distinguished itself for offering the highest quality in food preparation, specially regarding Spanish food, while also introducing local elements.

The paella is without a doubt Casa Rosalía's specialty: generation after generation for over 70 years, millons of mexicans have tasted the best paella in Mexico at Rosalía — a tradition that is still alive today. It is no wonder that Restaurant Casa Rosalía is known as "The Home of Paella in Mexico".

Come and visit us so you can attest what so many others have already done, and enjoy with your family and friends the best traditional Spanish food and paella right in the heart of Mexico City.

Casa Rosalía also provides delivery and take-away services.

We look forward to your visit!